Dead Poets Society - Peter Weir - 1989

What is BIFA

BIFABarcelona International Film and Audiovisual Arts Academy, is a professional training academy with its own learning process specially developed for those who feel a great need to learn and do not feel comfortable with traditional methodologies.

At BIFA we provide you with cinema education and training to help you achieve your full potential. Our objective is to turn you into a real professional ready to work in the audiovisual industry. To do so, we base your education and training on three founding ideas:

  • You are the protagonist. Mentors (we don’t have teachers) are there to guide you, not to teach. At BIFA focus is on active learning.
  • You learn by doing, through guided experience. This way, you fully understand new knowledge rather than just remembered.
  • You get practical work experience. From the very first day, everything you do is based on the demands of the real business world. So when you graduate you already have professional experience and portfolio.