MSPS Method Four Pillars

Based on these three conclusions, MSPS method is based on the next four pillars.


Some things can be done by others to us, like reading, cooking, heal…; others can't, like breathing, eating, sleeping… and learning. If learning is something can’t be done by others on our behalf, then we need to base our learning process on ourselves. If we want to learn, all we have to do is… do it ourselves. To learn, all we need is ourselves, our capability and willingness.


Practice is basic for humans to learn. Practice constructs and shapes our world. Think of all the things you learned through practice, testing first, improving next, until you reached an advanced level. Any human activity needs theoretical fundamentals but it is when we put those fundamentals in practice when we realize the power of that knowledge and, what it is more important, the improvements we can achieve.


The success of social animals lies in the fact that they share. Humans are social animals and if we have come that far it is because we are capable to share. Many other species also do but what makes us different from them is that we are able to share ‘amounts of learning’. As soon as someone learns something, that 'something' is quickly shared to others who learn it and, what's best, have the possibility of improving it, making better the original idea.


If we learn ourselves and through practice, and can share our knowledge, do we need teachers? The learning process can be a very difficult process if we have to do it by ourselves. The help of a wiser and experienced person, someone that shows us the path is a great help. Here is where mentors are needed: someone that has followed part of the path and motivates us to go further and support us to follow unknown paths.