Stanley Kubrick (Film Director) - Elizabeth Ziegler (Steadicam operator) - Eyes Wide Shut filming

Our Goals

Author and artist professional careers are hard, really hard. There is a lot of competition and only a few manage to gain a foothold in the audiovisual industry, create their work, are known or recognized.

On the other hand, Cinema and the audiovisual world, in general, are immersed in a current of changes. From one day to the other, technology, supports, formats and work cycles change. And also do the public, societies, and messages they demand. This amalgamation of changes makes the knowledge and approaches that are valid today, tomorrow are not.

In BIFA we are aware of these changes and that is why we are committed to the following objectives:

  • Train professionals with a minimum of experience gained during their training period.
  • Create authors and professionals capable of adapting to changes, learning from these and their own experiences.
  • Prepare audiovisual creators with intellectual, cultural and humanistic concerns.
  • Maintain a network of active professionals.
  • Encourage all those who participate and collaborate with BIFA to generate personal, social, professional and commercial activity inside and outside the Academy.