The MSPS method in action

As we’ve seen, the MSPS Method is based on PRACTICE and SELF-LEARNING processes, SHARED with peers, under the guidance of MENTORS. When a student learns a subject does it mentored by a mentor that has selected relevant information to be read, heard or visualized. In addition, the mentor can raise some questions about the subject that the student has to investigate or meditate. Once students get an overall of the theoretical knowledge, it’s time for practice, it’s time for doing it by themselves. Once the practical job is done, why don’t to share and show it to classmates? In this journey, everyone can learn from everybody, and can share opinions, or new ideas to improve what it has been done. This learning journey seems hard and difficult, and how do students know if they did right? No worries, the Mentor is there, to mentor us, but also to guide, to assess, to encourage, and to value us and our effort.