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Our Values

The way we do things at BIFA, the way we work, the way we think is based on four strong values, all of them centred in the person.


Being an author implies transmitting ideas, concepts, messages. In art, authors care about their society, time, environment, values and ideas. For this to be possible, we must know ourselves, so BIFA leitmotif is γνῶθι σεαυτόν (gnóthi seautón - know yourself), a philosophical concept in ancient Greece. Authors can hardly create their work if, previously, do not have a knowledge of themselves.

Critical Thinking

Art bases on questioning previous ideas to evolve, even those accepted for years; and artists must follow this path, even to question their own ideas. Only ideas with a foundation, a solid base of thought can resist any questioning and remain.


Whoever is free from sin, who throws the first stone, says the proverb. How to issue criticism if we are not capable of being self-critical? The basis for criticism is having first gone through a phase of self-criticism and overcome it.


Each individual has a unique way of seeing the world. We opt for currents such as existentialism, subjectivism, nihilism, individualism, collectivism, universality, the idea of God... Sometimes for a mixture.

The philosophical current from which BIFA departs and in which it centres its formative activity is Humanism, understood as a philosophical current centred on the person and on free thought, fully responsible, tolerant, independent, open, curious and respectful of human values.