Plato and Socrates

Behind BIFA

Behind BIFABarcelona International Film and audiovisual arts Academy, there's an idea, an idea in which students learn and power skills for the creation of films, advertisements, video art, Internet video and other audiovisual elements. They do it through MSPS Method, our own and personal method, based on learning, practice, and group collaboration, unlike the traditional master class and exam method.


In 387 BC, Plato founded the Academy in Athens as an institution where students and professors would meet, discuss, and lecture about science, philosophy, the arts and humanities. Plato believed that knowledge was attained through thought and discussion.

In a similar way, BIFA can be thought of as a meeting place where students and masters meet and discuss the science and arts of the audiovisual world.


BIFA is an international institution: a centre where students from all over the world meet to gain knowledge, experience and contacts. For this reason, we use the lingua franca of the audiovisual world: English.

Film and Audiovisual Arts

Although the central activity of BIFA is cinema, we realise that cinema is only a part of the 'audiovisual' world. In BIFA we also want to embrace other disciplines such as advertisingvideo artvideo for Internet, video gaming and… who knows what's next! In addition, one of our core values is Art: the expressive need to creatively convey the audiovisual message.


Barcelona is a beautiful Mediterranean city that welcomes cultures, ideas and diversity from all over the world.

Barcelona is a dynamic hub of activity for trade, science, technology and the arts.

Barcelona is the perfect place for BIFA as this dynamism and values of openness, creativity and diversity are one we share as well.

Barcelona is the ideal location for all those who want to be trained in film and audiovisual arts within BIFA's community.